How do I fix my Ford Taurus windshield wipers?

Question by brandonchristel: How do I fix my Ford Taurus windshield wipers?
I got into my car the other day and the windshield wiper motor still runs but the blades dont move. (The blades move in unison when you push on one of them, they still rotate) I think the linkage might be broke between the motor and the blades themselves. Does anyone know how to repair/replace the linkage. I’m not too bad with cars, so a site with pictures would be cool so I can fix it cheap myself.

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with a potato and a swiss army knife:

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  1. dodge man says:

    i own a repair shop,and there’s not a real good site i know of,,but if you,ll remove the arms from it,,and remove the front vent cowl you can gain access to it from there ,these are bad for the bushing ,and the clip coming off of them ,i have repaired a few of them before,if you,ll take your Time you can fix it,,you may need a new clip ,you can get them from any advance store,good luck i hope this help,s.

  2. STORMY K says:

    try auto zone, or can you use just one wiper preferably the drivers side

  3. Kenneth S says:

    ok it’s getting near winter…depending on where you live.,…was there ice on the windshield to prevent your wipers from moving?

    you say that you can move the wipers and they move in unison…and you say the wiper motor comes on…this sounds like a stripped gear on the wiper motor…maybe within or on the part that actuates the wipers themsleves…if it works in unison then every thing down to the motor is still connected…My guess would be the wiper motor is bad in some way.

    For this part..since it is rare that it goes bad…I would go to a salvage yard for the part once you have confirmed that this is the problem

    What you need to do is…get down to the wiper motor…then turn the wipers on and determine which part isn’t working…this is something you can do merely by looking at it…since it is already bad you won’t hurt anything by doing this. observe the wiper motor and the wipers themselves and see where it’s not working.

    This will tell you what your next move should be…wiper motor or something in between.

    It may just be a case where someting came apart and you just need to snap it back together again…..and if it happens again..then replace that part.

    Hope this helps

  4. James H says:

    Take off the cowl panel, if it is removable. Some aren’t! If not. then look down thru the slots and watch what happens when you turn it on. You will probably see the linkage lying at the bottom of the cowl inner area. It is usually caused by the linkage bearing wearing out and dropping off the pivot on the wiper motor. Some cars have a panel on the front of the cowl under the hood, held on with some sheet metal screws, and you fish the parts out thru the hole.
    I did a quick fix on my Ford Ranger truck, by using several long heavy plastic ties, and a hook tool made from a coat hanger. I used the hook to get the arm back on the pivot, then tied the arms/ pivot together, leaving it loose enough to turn but not fall off. Admitted, it was a quick repair, until i could get the correct parts, but it was still holding a year later, when i gave the truck away to a guy! (The cowl panel was not removable)

  5. mark w says:

    go to auto zone. get haynes manual

  6. horny becky 13 says:

    do what i did is to buy a car for $ 300 for parts 1995 i live in calif. if you need any thing i will sell for less e-mail me

  7. duc602 says:

    raise the hood or bonnet depends on where you are. and there at the bottom of the windshield you will see a part called the cowl. if you look in it you will see the linkage, switch the car on and then switch wipers on. look and see if the linkage is moving back and forth if not it has plastic grommets holding it to the motor. see if its come loose . if it has there is about 8 screws holding the cowl on and remove it and it snaps back onto the motor.

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