Q&A: Will a windshield wiper repair kit work on a cracked iPod Touch Screen?

Question by Bridget_Widget: Will a windshield wiper repair kit work on a cracked iPod Touch Screen?
Just wondering…I dont want anything bad to happen to the screen….Please answer only if you have tips or if you know it will/will not work:)
sorry…..windshield repair kit:)

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Answer by Mooned Y!A
Windshield wiper? or windshield repair kit? Anyways, I think those are too different for one to work on the other. A windshield is thick tempered glass; I think an iPod is plastic. Sorry. Good luck.

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Will a windshield wiper repair kit work on a cracked iPod Touch Screen?”

  1. Chuck N says:

    if its still under warrenty i would try and get apple to replace it. i think there is a 1 year warrenty standard along with any warrenties you may have purchaced.

    if warrenty is not an option you could try and fix it yourself. i’m not sure about the windshield/wiper repair kit, but does sell ipod replacement parts and they have guides to fix ipods. this is probably your best bet if you feel comfortable taking your ipod apart.

    -Chuck N.

  2. M D says:

    you NEVER want to put liquid on top of the displays. too delicate. get a case if you want to protect your touch. if you want to clean the glass, use a soft cloth, and spray glass cleaner on that and wipe the display with
    to keep the display clear, I suggest Otterbox case. its a bit klunky, but ive dropped my iphone everywhere, and have spilled stuff or had people spill stuff on it without any issues.
    check them out in Youtube or facebook.

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